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Hardware features Mikro-p

Hardware Features

Onboard : 
32 bit 50 MHZ / 83 DMIPS PIC microcontroller
2x independent speed and direction controlled DC motors
4x IRDA communication modules
3x axis accelerometer,  3x axis gyroscope
Movement, free fall, impact, tapping and double tapping sensors
2 x RGB leds, 1x user led, 1x charge status led, 1x power led
Reset and user buttons
3x infrared detection
Piezzo buzzer for sound creation
250 mAH LIPO battery with on board charger and fuse

Expansion Port : 
The expansion port has 3.3Volts power, I2c, usart, 2 analog input and spi bus options for you to use with your own designed boards.

Expansion Hardware Modules include ;
Laser range sensor up to 2 meters
Color detection sensor